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Banana BreadWelcome to my banana bread recipe site! Awhile back I was searching online for a really good banana bread recipe but there were just so many and I did not really know which one to choose. So I tried making a few different ones (over 53 to date).

To save you time and effort I have compilied on this site only the banana bread recipes I found to be extremely good. So take a look around and then get to baking!

From my own trials here are the banana bread and muffin recipes I've liked the best:

Best Traditional Banana Bread
Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
Best Banana Walnut Bread
Best Crumb Top Banana Muffins
Best Lower Calorie Banana Muffins
Best Fluffy Banana Bread

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Check back soon for more as I'll add more time permitting - and don't forget to bookmark this page!

Please Help Me! I want your feedback and comments on how the recipes on this site turned out for you. If you have taken the time to use them please take a moment to return here and drop me a line. Thanks!!

Whether you call it Banana Bread or Banana Loaf you'll find great recipes here. All recipes can be poured into a loaf pan or feel free to use muffin tins for Banana Muffins.

Thank you for your great support and comments! I am hearing that the recipes I've added truly are the best. Perhaps it is the extra bit of butter or the extra banana. Regardless - we love to hear from you so please visit the comments page and let us know how your banana bread is turning out!

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